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I'm a full-time multi-tasker, creating paintings, prints, and various odds and ends for friends, family, and my Etsy shop to appease the right side of my brain, and also going to my "real" job, which balances me out by working the left-side of my brain!

I really enjoy creating smaller items (hence the "little" in "little black sheep shop"), partially because I can get bored if I get into a gigantic project that takes up months of my time... But also because I find I'm usually attracted to petite things myself when I'm shopping around for things for my place.

I find inspiration in so many different places, so I always keep my idea book handy where I jot down my ideas for later use. Sometimes my love for a new fabric pattern is enough to get the imagination gears whirring away.

I've been asked numerous times if I do custom artwork - the answer is an enormous Y-E-S, YES! I really love doing custom pieces - whether it's just adding a baby's name to one of my little lamb nursery items, or whether I do a custom piece from the ground up, I LOVE doing custom-made pieces for you & yours! If you have an inquiry regarding customizing a "little something," please email me with all of your questions and a bit of information and I'll be happy to get started. Thanks!!